The Essential Packing List For Business Trips


No one ever said that packing for a business trip was easy. But with a little bit of organization and forethought, it can be a lot less stressful. Here is a suggested packing list to help you make the most of your time away from home.

Comfortable clothing

It may sound obvious, but comfortable clothing is a must. You don’t want to be worrying about being uncomfortable in your clothes or worrying about taking up too much space in your luggage with clothes that are unnecessary or don’t fit. Think of this as an opportunity to pack pieces you wouldn’t normally wear.


A laptop is an absolute must in today’s business world. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the lightest laptop on the market, but it should be portable enough to bring with you easily. You can also opt for a tablet or netbook in lieu of a laptop, though this is really only recommended if you won’t be doing any typing away from your desk.

Business cards

Business cards are still incredibly important today. Though business cards were introduced a long time ago, they are still a crucial part of networking and establishing customer relationships. Keep them in the same place as your passport or any other identification you might have, so you will have them with you as soon as you need them.


Bring copies of all important documents, such as your passport and insurance information. This way you won’t have to go digging through your luggage for them if something happens, and it also lessens the chance of you losing or misplacing something important.


This is simple – make sure you have all the necessary chargers with you. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and it would be a shame to waste the trip because you forgot a charger at home.


Though some countries are moving towards ATM cards and mobile payments, you can never be too careful. Bringing at least a few hundred dollars in cash on a business trip is a good idea. It will provide you with a backup if things go wrong, and it’s always useful to have on hand no matter what country you are in.

Breath mints

If you are in the habit of popping breath mints before big meetings or events, bring them with you. It can be embarrassing when your mouth is dry and you can’t pop a mint or two to freshen up.


For times when you are on the go, snacks are a good idea. They take up very little room in your luggage and can be consumed anywhere. They make a good substitute for meals if you don’t have time to stop and eat, but still, need to recharge your batteries.

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