3 responses to “New Mission Viejo Recreation Center Running Club takes step April 1”

  1. Becci Lukes says:

    I would like to join the new running club

  2. Lisa Bergfeld says:

    I’m interested and would like more information.
    What time and where do we meet? The morning and evening times please. I’m a beginner runner would this class be appropriate for me? Do we have the option to attend either the am or pm class or do we have to select a preference ? How many people per group? I appreciate you getting back to me as soon as possible because the class starts tomorrow.
    Many thanks:)

  3. Amanda Bassett says:

    You can join the Running Club at any time (even after April 1) by contacting Angel Cipolla at 949-683-7599. She will be able to provide all the details on the group run times and locations.