2 responses to “Impressive art exhibit now on display at Mission Viejo Library”

  1. M Y & Shobha Keskar New Delhi INDIA says:

    April 26
    “The Art Encounter”painting programme of Mission Viejo Library exhibition is a great effort of appreciating the the Art and the Artist. Prerana Kulkarni our Daughter is exceptionally talented Artist and translating Nature’s beauty into Artistic Painting speaks highly of her creative imagination in perfect coordination of Body,Mind and intellect.All Artists are worshippers of Art with single pointed attention which is the key for reaching the goal. Our hats off to one and all.

  2. Madhuri says:

    I agree with M Y & Shobha Keskar. Prerana deserves a great appreciation. I am proud of her. Being an excellent artist she expresses her humble, talented and an organized personality in her paintings. Congratulations Prerana!