5 responses to “Motorcyclist killed Sunday”

  1. Denise Bashore says:

    Although this is a terrible tragedy it would have been nice to see a bit more police presence today as people were parked near the site of the crash in a no parking zone and meandering across the street causing a distraction to the flow of traffic in both directions.

  2. Man on the Silver Mountain. says:

    Seriously, Denise?

    A man was killed and you’re complaining because it took you a little longer to get to the mall? Did it occur to you that maybe those people were Family? Friends? Investigators? Witnesses?

    Typical spoiled Orange County idiot.

  3. Nancy McAllister says:

    I am very saddened to hear of the accident and death of the mototcyclist in our community. So, we were inconvenienced a bit! It is understandable that perhaps the family and or friends, etc. wanted to visit the scene, to meet, to talk to see where the event took place. They have to do this; it is a part of closure for them in their process of girevance. Yes, it is annoying to those of us who are hurrying to an appointment or to work who don’t know why there is yet “another” delay in getting where we must go. Let us all just stop when something like this happens( while we are gritting our teeth and perhaps seething with anger), and think oh, God, maybe something really tragic happened to someone in my community. I hope it is not too terrible. Please let me just have a moment of patience! What if it is someone I know or a family member? Okay we can all exhale calmly now……

  4. Tracey says:

    Well said, Nancy. My thoughts are with the victim’s family.

  5. Pamela says:

    Maybe Denise was worried that somebody else might get hurt/killed on Marguerite Pkwy. People drive insanely fast and aren’t worried about anybody but themselves and/or are on their cell phones and distracted and could easily take somebody out. just sayin……