10 responses to “New restaurants coming to Mission Viejo this spring, summer”

  1. southern belle says:

    has anybody tried to park for california pizza kitchen at lunch time lately?

    other than the fact that these two new restaurants will draw customers away from cpk (which most landlords would be trying to protect! since it’s been the stalwart of this center forever) just WHERE will all the added diners park???

    don’t we have a planning commission? do they always capitulate to sales tax revenue????

    this is going to be a traffic nightmare.

  2. Justice Scalia says:

    Waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaa. A stalled economy that needs economic growth and jobs and Belle wants to complain about the negative impact on CPK and the traffic?

    News flash…a crowded lot and busy intersection means good economic times. Stop trying to roadblock every risk taking hardworking entrepreneur so that you can park up front or avoid spending an extra 90 seconds a day at a red light.

    Sheesh, you’d think Belle is unaware of the current malaise hanging over the country.

  3. Retired Mike says:

    As a 34 year resident of MV. Could not be happier! Now I don’t have to drive (addicting to traffic congestion) to Lake Forrest or Aliso Viejo to get my Panera bread fix…

  4. Joe Cool says:

    Panera Bread and Chipotle do not add to traffic congestion. If someone wants to do something RIGHT in MV while adding to traffic congestion, they should give whatever incentives are necessary to get Frys Electronics to put a store in down at Cabot and Oso Parkway, where the old bath store and Comp USA were located…that would fill 75,000 square feet of vacant space, and bring much needed tax revenues to the city to help pay for (1) the stupid million dollar doggie park the liberals want to build; and (2) the $100,000.00/yr ongoing maintenance fees for said dog park.

    I bet Southern Belle wants the dog park, expanded and nicer existing parks, better stuff at the community center, better gyms and pools, bigger libraries, and perfectly paved roads and sidewalks.

    How does she think we should pay for it…the money tree behind City Hall?

  5. Longtime Kath says:

    Yum, looking forward to the new restaurants coming to our area. I can exactual walk to the eateries. Ther emight be a parking congestion but I agree that’s a good sign. Hopefully patrons will put up with whatever inconvenience and support both of teh restaurants.
    Better location than Fish Market on the Corner had. I wonder what will happen in that location. Now you want to talk about traffic headache that’s a prime example.

  6. tammara moore says:

    We are as happy as can be that Chipotle is finally coming to Mission Viejo. Our family has been in contact with their company for over two years trying to get them to come to our city. Now I can eat in my own city and my tax dollars will stay here instead of Lake Forest. For those that are complaining about parking at CPK….there are plenty of open parking spaces on the other side of the lot where the new eateries will go. It is really not a far walk people.

  7. Suester says:

    I am so excited to have a Panera. It’s a great place and will attract much business!! I have to go to the center all the time to Walgreens and there are actually lots of parking spaces straight back from where the restaurants will be. There are always empty spaces back there and at least there are two ways in and out of the center. Not to mention there are spaces in parking lots across both sides of the street too and if someone had to park and walk across, no big deal. I am so glad they are filling the empty space and the city will get some revenue from it. Mission Viejo needs more of this!! There are still empty spaces in some of our other centers and I pray they all get filled and it boosts our economy and brings more jobs because we need it.

  8. Sunita says:

    Speaking about restaurants, a lot of people ask me if there’s a good Indian restaurant
    in Mission Viejo , which we don’t have. If anybody is thinking in terms of opening
    an Indian restaurant, it maybe a great idea!!!!

  9. Connie Belmont says:

    As an owner of small business in Mission Viejo (Fast Frame) I moved from a shopping center with plenty of parking which was dead, and now in a limited parking shopping center, at least there is movement in the center. It is a little more inconvenient for my customers but they understand that you need traffic to generate business.

  10. eric says:

    when will they start hiring people and giving applications.. need a job!!!!:)