4 responses to “Public should beware of ‘car fishing’”

  1. Susan says:

    A neighbor saw something similar a few years ago at Marguerite & Angelina. It was also in the middle of the night. Supposedly he hit his car alarm and they ran.

  2. steve morley says:

    I just wanted to add that mail was stolen out of my mailbox on Buscador on 12/27/11. I reported this to the postal Inspector and had to close out my checking accounts and credit cards as a result. Just a heads up for my other Mission Viejo neighbors to be vigilant as people are up to no good in the safest city in California.

  3. Mrs Colby says:

    San Ramon street was targeted for mail theft the week of January 12th. I reported the theft to the postal inspector and the MV police. The ccr’s dictate the type of mailboxes we are allowed to have and they are not theft proof. Probably will happen again….

  4. Steve Bauman says:

    Lock your cars even if they’re parked in your driveway. I live on Pasatiempo and have never given a second thought to locking my vehicle while it was on my property. I came out Monday morning to find the drivers door ajar, that all the change (about $5-$6) had been stolen, and the glove compartment had been gone through. I didn’t bother reporting it, maybe I should have.