Power Outage Information

SDG&E has confirmed with City staff that the line from Arizona has been repaired.  Power is being restored to various areas.  Parts of Mission Viejo already have power.  SDG&E is following a systemic procedure with priority to hospitals and other high priority sites.  

The following area organizations have posted these updates:

Capistrano Unified (@CapoUnified) – Schools are closed on Friday, Sept. 9 due to power outage. More information will be available at www.capousd.org or at 949.234.9427.

KSBR Radio 88.5 Is back on the air – http://ksbr.net.

Saddleback College will resume classes on Friday – http://saddleback.edu

Saddleback Unified School District reports that classes will be open tomorrow, September 9th –www.svusd.k12.ca.us.

3 responses to “Power Outage Information”

  1. SVUSD 9th grade student says:

    So what i am reading is that there will be school for SVUSD (Trabuco Hills high) tomorrow, the 9th?


  2. SVUSD says:

    Why do I seriously doubt that?

  3. John Smith says:

    Time for mission Viejo to have its own islanded power supply that we can switch to in such cases. Why does one person control the switch to the nuclear power substation? Losses were in the billions…. Who is going to compensate the city?