2 responses to “Residential resurfacing project begins Aug. 15”

  1. Lois Hooker says:

    Nothing was mailed to us and it was very frustrating to try and figure out what no parking really meant. Appointments were cancelled thinking that service vehicles were going to be stuck. On the second day of no parking nothing actually happened on our street. Not a good pr move by the contractor.

  2. Mark Chagnon, Director of Public Works says:

    Dear Ms. Hooker:

    We do our best to notify the residents about the project. Notices with detailed project information are mailed to each address within the project area. Our apologies if you did not receive one.

    Although the preparatory edge-grinding typically takes only one day to complete on a given street, streets are posted “no parking” for two days to allow for unexpected delays. If the grinding is completed the first day, the “no parking” signs are removed. However, we recently had an equipment malfunction with the mini-grinder, which follows the larger grinder performing detail work, such that several streets were not finished the first day. It is possible that yours was one of the streets, which needed some minor work completed on the second day.

    As you endure the inevitable inconveniences of the resurfacing project, it helps to keep in mind that when it’s over, you will have a brand new street to enjoy for many years to come. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate our on-site Project Inspector, Randy VanCott, at (714) 742-7100, or via email at rvancott@cityofmissionviejo.org.

    Thank you.