6 responses to “Night work slated next week on traffic-easing Oso/Marguerite Intersection Improvement Project”

  1. RC 11 says:

    Hopefully they will be placing the stupid traffic camera wires underground. They are an eyesore to a city with no overhead power and communication lines…not to mention 100 feet of extra camera cable simply slung over the top of the street signal poles, and large coils of wire just hanging by zip ties.

    It’s about time they get finished and do it right.

  2. MVMike says:

    I wrote the city maintenance manager years ago about the ” temporary” traffic camera wiring at this intersection – it’s been up there over 5 years, I’ve lost track – hardly temporary under California General Order 95 rules. He assured me that the underground ducts for this wiring would be added during the intersection upgrade. So I’m watching patiently and was very shocked to see the wiring go back up on the new signal standards. Why weren’t the video cables pulled into their new ducts when the new poles were installed or did someone screw up. Regardless, if that project is announced as complete, all this history and the managers note will be shipped off to the Public Utilities Commission in a formal complaint.

  3. Resident says:

    With the severe budget cuts at most cities these days, did Mission Viejo really need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on 32 large planter pots and those decorative flag posts along the sidewalk? Not to mention all the future labor and water costs required for maintenance of the planters. I mean talk about unnecessary shameful waste!! Whoever approved that landscaping should be fired. This was supposed to be a project that improved traffic circulation at one of the heavier traffic intersections in the City. It seems like this project dragged on much longer than it really should have, considering a lot of the time there was only a skeleton crew working and the contractor should have been subject to liquidated damages.

  4. Mark Chagnon says:

    One of the things which makes Mission Viejo such a great place to live is that when the City widens a roadway, it doesn’t just add more pavement and concrete at the expense of aesthetics. Projects are planned and designed to include features which will preserve and enhance the beauty of the community. These features are presented to, and approved by, first the Planning and Transportation Commission, and then the City Council, in public meetings where residents have the opportunity to voice their opinions.

    Because this project was necessitated primarily by increased traffic from development to the east of the City, the City required the developer to pay for a large share of the project cost, including the cost of landscaping features. Other project funding came from regional grants such that no “City funds” were used.

    The original project schedule presented to the City Council at the time of contract award indicated substantial completion by August 2011. The project is on schedule to meet that, including the removal of the overhead wires at Oso and Marguerite.

  5. MVMike says:

    Mr. Chagnon,
    Thanks for your reply and update. I’m really happy to hear about the OH wire removal still coming and the project being on-time. A 24 year resident in this great city I really appreciate the added landscape features we always add here. My guests always compliment what an exceptionally nice city we have. Every day I walk the Oso Creek trail and thank God I live in such a beautiful place.

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