2 responses to “Free Compost Giveaway April 30”

  1. banking offshore says:

    …..Several times each year RethinkWaste teams up with its member communities to give away compost. The compost is made from yard trimmings collected at the curb from communities every other week and composted at a nearby composting facility. The compost is ideally used as an amendment to enrich soil for lawns gardens ornamental plants trees and potted plants.

  2. Concerned says:

    I wonder how organic the compost is since it comes from grass clippings that have been likely sprayed with all sorts of weed and crabgrass killers. I don’t know how well the special hormones and chemicals that are used on the grasses break down. If they don’t and you put it in your vegetable garden, how much of it goes inside the food, then eventually inside you? Has any analysis been done on the compost to determine its purity? Just wondering….