5 responses to “Work continues in phases on intersection-improvement project designed to ease traffic”

  1. Beth Ball says:

    Wonderful work. I go thru this intersection daily and appreciate the planned improvements. I would like to know if/when the 4 sycamore trees on the south east side of Marguerite will be removed as they are quite dead! I hope this is part of the ‘improvement”

  2. Kay Williams says:

    Hi, everyone the delays are sometimes long, but everyone will be happy when that area is opened up, and all the improvements are done, it will help relieve the heavy traffic problem at that corner, I’m at that corner all the time, in-fact I think that is me
    in the (gold) SUB sitting in traffic you can see just the back of my SUB in the picture.

  3. Ryan LeGaspi says:

    It is ridiculous that this project will not be complete until August 2011! This should have been a three to four month project and has now managed to become a yearlong fiasco.

  4. Unknown says:

    This will be fantastic once completed but do you really have to being working before 9am? I live off Antonio / Oso and it took me more than 20 minutes to get to the freeway! This is absolutely ridiculous! How about you think of all the other people going to work and taking their children to school? Today was the first day, since the inception of the project, that it took me more than 20 minutes.
    Please think of others and please don’t begin before 9am.

  5. Mark Chagnon says:

    The trees on the southeast corner will be replaced, most likely with Oak trees, in the coming months.

    This is not a 3 to 4 month project. Because it is an existing intersection, the work must be done in phases to minimize impacts to traffic and to maintain pedestrian access. In addition, there are many utilities to be relocated. The utility relocation work alone takes several months. The project is ahead of schedule, however, and the completion date has been moved up to June 2011.

    Typically, westbound lanes on Oso Parkway are not closed until 9:00 am to accommodate the morning commute to the freeway. Eastbound work starts at 7:00 am so that eastbound lanes are open by 3:30 pm to accommodate the afternoon commute. There may have been an exception on December 3rd.