6 responses to “Council to consider City's Integrated Waste Management Services Agreement Monday”

  1. Barry Loche says:

    My brother’s family is longtime residents of Rancho Santa Margarita. They are disappointed with CR&R’s recycling efforts. In their opinion, there is a lack of community recycling containers and services are ‘poor.’ My brother summed up CR&R’s services as such, “…you pay for what you get.” I’ve done some research on the company and they are low-balling every city bid throughout Orange County. Perhaps they are offering such low prices because they are not reinvesting in recycling or composting programs? Mission Viejo should consider the firm that has the best plan and resources to get us away from landfill dependency.

  2. Marco says:

    I think the city should stay with Waste Management. They do a lot of great things in the community. For instance, they are helping Mission Hospital become green by increasing the recycling, etc. It’s a great partnership. They provide great services and should be rewarded for it.

  3. Justus says:

    We feel that we have received excellent service from Waste Management of Orange County. They have served us in our present community for nine years and our previous community in Mission Viejo for thirteen years. We have been nothing but satisfied! Any problem has been handled expeditiously and to our satisfaction.

  4. Barry Loche says:

    I think there continues to be a push to just go with the lowest bidder by a few isolated voices. However, it’s a dangerous precedent to always go with the low cost firms we know little about. The previous city council meeting did nothing to sway me in another direction. I don’t know CR&R but I do not trust them to keep their promises.

  5. Erin Cave says:

    I agree with you Barry. I’ve done a little research of CR&R and apparently they don’t have the best saftey practices. They might be a little cheaper but at what cost? They are known to overload their trucks which clearly can put others at risk. What do we know about their record and has the council considered this? I would hate for there to be an unfortunate incident and the reason be because we went with the cheaper option.

  6. Adrianna B. says:

    You know at first, I was going to say that going with CR&R’s lowest bid on this only makes sense. But after reading a lot of points and google’ing CR&R there seems to be a lot of problems with how they are functioning. I don’t think that they can come in at a very low bid and do everything that our current trash company does. I now have to say, stay with the same.