2 responses to “Mission Viejo High School e-Waste Recycle event Feb. 20”

  1. Arthur Cook says:

    In early February, the City announces a Missioin Viejo High School e-Waste Recycle FUNDRAISER on its official blog to benefit the Mission Viejo High School Lacrosse program, and then turns right around and schedules an electronics recycling program at the Mission Viejo City Library at City Center on the very same day, Feb. 20. That doesn’t seem too fair to the MVHS Lacrosse program!
    The City may wish to share some of it’s revenue with the MVHS Lacrosse team.

  2. City Staff Comment says:

    The City of Mission Viejo strives to give schools, businesses and other community groups the opportunity to promote their programs and events through its electronic newsletter and blog articles. A blog reader associated with the MVHS Lacrosse teams made a request to have the e-waste event being held at Mission Viejo High School, on February 20, posted on the City’s blog.

    The February 20, 2010, e-waste event, taking place at the Civic Center was scheduled several months ago with All Green Electronics Recycling through the Friends of the Mission Viejo Library. The Friends of the Library had worked with the City to plan an e-waste event on February 20, unaware of the event scheduled at the high school. The Friends held an e-waste event in August 2009 at the Civic Center that was very successful. The Friends were the “sponsors” of that event and received a $575 donation from All Green Electronics Recycling.

    E-waste collection events have been quite popular in the last year, because of the fundraising opportunity. Another event is being held on February 27 at Linda Vista Elementary School.