2 responses to “Lion’s Heart is putting its heart into decorating the City’s Rose Parade float”

  1. mvroseparade says:

    I thought creating and decorating the float was unique because the style of the float was showing. Also, when i look back into the experiance of this day, i will feel good because i did something big for the community. It was also very fun because of how large the float was we were working on. And how much work we had to do for it to be finished. It will look very nice in the Rose Bowl Parade and i thought it was cool that we got to impact our city.

  2. edtyler says:

    It is truly a pity that the City of Mission Viejo staff and the adults that supervise these children are teaching them that leaching off the taxpayers is a good way to spend their time. Just as surely as if the had been given $100 bills to burn, they are doing nothing but engaging in a taking money from hard working taxpayers and throwing the money away.

    Further, lying to the children and telling them this is good for the city, when in fact it is nothing but an excuse to hire more city staff is truly wrong.If we had a vote of the citizens and asked the question “should we spend over $300,000 on a float for the Rose Bowl”, I am sure the opinion would be overwhelmingly “NO”. Only those who have no concept of money and want the nanny government to take care of them “from the womb to the tomb” would support this boondoggle.

    Shame on the City and Lions Heart!