47 responses to “Decorating City’s Rose Parade float will be another way for these volunteers to hang out, have fun”

  1. mvroseparade says:

    This float is amazing!!! It is so much hard work but so worth it in the end. We can’t wait to see the float in the parade. It is going to be beautiful.

    Allie and Becky Butler

  2. mvroseparade says:

    Mary Principle and I experienced our firrt Rose Parade Float prep. What a great experience. We both loved it. We will be back.

    Rose Smuckler

  3. mvroseparade says:

    I came with my mother who has wanted to do this for years and my twin daughters. We are so happy we could share this memory together. It was crazy to see all the different materials used to make the floats. We were up high on the outside of the float working on putting seaweed on the iron bars. One of my daughters was sitting on the scaffolding and the other was sitting on the edge of the float (as it started to shake and she almost fell off!). It gave us a chance to see all the floats in a different perspective since we know how they’re made. I can’t wait to see the finished product!
    The Donahues and Mrs. Jenkins

  4. mvroseparade says:

    I had a very great time here working on the floats. It was a very amazing oppertunity for a great experience. In conclusion, this was very fun and can’t wait to do it next year.

  5. mvroseparade says:

    I really liked this experience it was fun.

  6. mvroseparade says:

    This was great! cant wait to do it next yearrrrr = ]rft

  7. mvroseparade says:

    This year was a great year for an amazing experiance to create a float this unique. I had a wonderful time with making the floats ground. We made them out of a special kind of seed. I cannot wait till next year to make a float just as cool. <3333 🙂

  8. mvroseparade says:

    this was my first year working at the rose parade and it was a very nice experience. being involved in community service for mission viejo was a lot of fun, and the floats all look nice 🙂

  9. mvroseparade says:

    this was my second time coming to work on the float for the rose parade and it was a lot of funn. im getting my community service hours finished all in one day, and i enjoyed doing it. I can tell that our float is going to look nice(:

  10. mvroseparade says:

    wow, what an experience! working on the float for the rose parade has been such a blast. I’m so excited to see what our float will end up looking like. From organizing viles, to cutting roses, to gluing beans and sorting berries it has been a lot of fun.

  11. mvroseparade says:

    What an incredible experience! To watch the parade on New Year’s morning is one thing, but to participate in the creation of these floral wonders gives one a truer appreciation of their beauty.

  12. mvroseparade says:

    Today is my FOURTH day of working on our float. Big time FUN. We are cutting the roses to be applied to the float. They are georgeous. The float is outstanding and as a resident of MV I am proud to be a part of this wonderful community event –once in a life time experience. Thank you!

  13. mvroseparade says:

    thanks for the opportunity to take part in this great activity. I has been a wonderful experience.
    Lorraine & Vic Kobett

  14. mvroseparade says:

    We decorated the back of the float and we found that it not only taught us of the great amount of work put into making a float, but of the teamwork that makes us a WONDERFUL city 🙂
    We look forward to doing this again next year and for years to come.
    –troop tempest
    Emma Massick and Mandy Williams (who will go now to decorate some more 🙂 woo hoo)
    Also here (but they are having too much fun decorating the float to type) Andi Schmitz, Allie Finch

  15. mvroseparade says:

    We are having a blast decorating the back of the float with purple mums! It’s great to be here with our family participating in this wonderful tradition! We’ve helped out for a few days and love it 🙂

  16. mvroseparade says:

    We are really having a great time with the blooming mums! The back (camera-side) is OUR section. Evokes quite a sense of pride. Please excuse any typos, since my fingers are getting glued to the keyboard. Who knew that glue could be that sticky and elasticy at the same time? We have really enjoyed working together on this – in all honesty for a more selfish reason: NO KIDS! Date Night! Thanks Mission Viejo for a fun evening.
    ~Chris & Wendy Prince

  17. mvroseparade says:

    I think its ridiculous that the roses don’t even smell. At all. It was fun to put the mums on the side of the float! We can’t wait to get the glue off of our fingers!!
    -Ashley Donahue and Melia Bernal

  18. mvroseparade says:

    Decorating the float for Mission Viejo was fun because you get to see it before the parade and you get to say that you did part of it. I think it is a good way to be apart of the community and it would be great to have a float every year.
    -Kelsi and Jillian Ferreri

  19. edtyler says:

    It is truly a pity that the City of Mission Viejo staff and the adults that supervise these children are teaching them that leaching off the taxpayers is a good way to spend their time. Just as surely as if the had been given $100 bills to burn, they are doing nothing but engaging in a taking money from hard working taxpayers and throwing the money away.

    Further, lying to the children and telling them this is good for the city, when in fact it is nothing but an excuse to hire more city staff is truly wrong.If we had a vote of the citizens and asked the question “should we spend over $300,000 on a float for the Rose Bowl”, I am sure the opinion would be overwhelmingly “NO”. Only those who have no concept of money and want the nanny government to take care of them “from the womb to the tomb” would support this boondoggle.

    Shame on the City and Girl Scout s!

  20. mvroseparade says:

    Mr. Tyler… Please get your facts straight before you start to blab on a public forum and show your lack of intelligence. It is people like you that divides the community and brings shame to the children.

    The children or the Girl Scouts do not participate in your political games. They chose to participate to be involved with the community where they live. They do this on their own time, without pay, and enjoy doing the hard work. Criticize the city’s decision makers if you must, but please do not drag the scouts into your tirade.

  21. edtyler says:

    mvroseparade -The Girl Scouts Leaders are the ones that make the decision to participate in these projects and thus are responsible for those decisions. The are participating in political games by their actions.

    I and many others in the community feel that this is a waste of our hard earned taxes and thus these projects should not be encouraged.

    The Girl Scouts, through the troop leaders are enabling this waste and thus they should share the criticism for their actions. Apparently if it is “free money” (taxes), it is OK to teach our children that waste is OK , according to you.

    Shame on the Girl Scouts, their leaders and city staff for wasting our money.

  22. edtyler says:

    mvroseparade – Also – what fact did I state that were incorrect?

    The cost will exceed $300K – true per city documents.

    The majority of the people in the city would oppose this waste of money – my opinion backed up by various polls taken at street corners and the press..

    Finally, why are all the “pro-float” comments made with what probably is a city sponsored user ID?

  23. mvroseparade says:

    The float is sooooooooooooooo beautiful:)!!!!!! We are having boat loads o’ fun!

  24. mvroseparade says:

    The float is cool and fun to work on, its an experience of a life time. The MV staff who put all this together did an awesome job.

  25. mvroseparade says:

    This is something I am so glad I did not miss. I have been up here all 5 days and it is amazing. The smiles of all the people are worth everything – The people I have met and the interesting stories of each and everyone are amazing. The repeat people who do the decorating every year are so wounderful. I have enjoyed ever minute. Thank you City of Mission Viejo for allowing me to have this oppertunity.

  26. mvroseparade says:

    fun fun fun all night long =)

    -allie butler

  27. mvroseparade says:

    We’re almost done!! It looks amazing. I’ve never seen so many roses in one place. The float is going to make all of us in Mission Viejo proud on New Year’s Day.


  28. mvroseparade says:

    Happy New Year! Mission Viejo! It’s been a great experience working on the float. Thanks for the opportunity! Our float looks awesome and it’s going to put a lot of smiles on everyone’s faces! It is so much fun working on our float!!!

    Rita and Nicole

  29. mvroseparade says:

    It’s very interesting. As a member of the board of the LMVA, it was a kick getting to put flowers into the representation of that lake. And working with all of my neighbors made it even nicer. I’ll be looking for my roses when the float goes by.

    Happy New Year,
    Sid Wittenberg

  30. mvroseparade says:

    On this final night of decorating, the float is really looking amazing. I am so impressed with the time and effort it takes to make and operate one of these floats. Not to mention all of the jobs and revenue for countless individuals in this time of high unemployment. The flower growers, transport, lighting, welders, fabricators, engineers, and so on. This is a wonderful American tradition where the world looks to us for something beautiful. I am glad that Mission Viejo chose to participate in this event as a part of their 20th Anniversary. Not only does it show the world a little bit of our town’s heritage, but it brouught together a community. Watching everyone work so hard in such a spirit of unity and support is worth more than money could buy.
    Congratulations, MV on a beautiful float and a job well done.

  31. mvroseparade says:

    I’m having a blast! What a great opportunity to participate in. I have never been this close to the floats although I have lived my whole life in Southern California. This is something that I will be sharing with my children and grandchildren in years to come. I am grateful to the city for providing such a fun and educational event.

  32. mvroseparade says:

    What a wonderful time with our community doing something so wonderful as to construct this marvelous float. Way to go MV! Way to Go!

  33. mvroseparade says:

    It’s 2:37 a.m. and the Making a Splash just went on the float – we are getting close – only a couple more hours.

  34. mvroseparade says:

    4:23 a.m. The bike is up and still working only 10,000 more roses.

  35. mvroseparade says:

    4:27 a.m. The water is going in – is the end close?

  36. mvroseparade says:

    4:36 a.m. The Tree is on the float and how beautiful it is.

  37. mvroseparade says:

    5:20 a.m. The Bears are up – the last flowers are going in. We see the light at the end of the float – we are frozen and tired and ready to call it a day.

  38. mvroseparade says:

    what a fabulous community building experience! What a great, fun group of people to spend hours and hours with! An experience never to be forgotten! Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. mvroseparade says:

    5:39 the last flower just went on – we are DONE – What a fabulous float – clean up begins

  40. mvroseparade says:

    5:55 a.m. we are out of here –

  41. edtyler says:

    I’m glad the girls had fun decorating the float.

    That said, what I saw on TV was a poorly designed monstrosity that was a clear waste of taxpayer dollars. The pool was so small and high up on the float that people on the street could not even see the water. Only from the reviewing stand was a good view available. The main draw were two athletes with a tenuous connection to Mission Viejo.

    Next, our city name was nowhere on the float, only the ugly Iron Tree so beloved by our city staff and City Manager.

    Finally, the phony award given to the float was bought and paid for by the City. Hopefully, we will never have such a waste of money again so that the Girl Scouts won’t be duped into spending their energies on wasteful projects like this one.

    One more shameful act committed by the City Manager, city staff and the dolts on the City Council.

  42. glonglpl says:

    I was at the Parade and am not sure what Mr. Tyler is talking about. The MV float was beautiful, actually one of our favorites, and my 5 year old and 2 year old loved it! It’s too bad individuals like Mr. Tyler go through life bullying anyone that has a difference of opinion with them, such as the Girl Scouts this time. What have you, Mr. Tyler, brought to our community except complaints??? It’s time for you to step up, get off your rear end, and do something positive for our wonderful community!

    Others that have contributed to this blog clearly have…… How many hours of your free time have you volunteered for our MV outside of complaining as a “watch dog”???

  43. edtyler says:

    glonglpl – I’m sorry you perceive anyone who disagrees with you as “bullying” or a “complaining watchdog”.

    There were several people who were physically at the parade whose reports I used in making my comment. You liked the float – they did not agree.

    As to helping the community, unless you are a member of city staff, you should be aware of the problems that reside in City Hall. The folks there spend tax dollars like drunken sailors. Perhaps you don’t care about the financial future of Mission Viejo, but the “watchdogs” have been working informing the public about waste, corruption and malfeasance for more than 15 years. We have worked to get good council members elected, although two turned against their stated principles once elected. What have you done but enable the kind of wasteful spending embodied by the Rose Bowl Float?

    If it helps you to feel superior to others because of your personal activities, great. Some of us will do the hard work of making Mission Viejo a better place to live for future generations. We like the smallest possible government, with the least burden on taxpayers and citizens. What do you believe?

  44. glonglpl says:

    Mr. Tyler

    Again, how many hours of your free time have you volunteered for our MV outside of complaining as a “watch dog”? I’m still waiting for your answer.

    As for your “several people” there, how many people are you referring to? I noted 1 million people there that thoroughly enjoyed it. If this issue was so important to you why didn’t you witness it first-hand and make your own judgements?

    I won’t respond to your bullying about my personal activities. Your response to the Girl Scouts earlier already shows your position on anyone who disagrees with you. It don’t work with me!

    And lastly regarding your question about wasteful spending, I don’t know of the inner workings at City Hall but I do know the value of an investment in civic pride and community spirit. And that was clearly evident in this case.

  45. edtyler says:

    glonglpl – I spend my time working for better government. I occasionally do other things that benefit the schools and other charitable groups that I support. However, since your values differ markedly from mine, I suspect you place no value on my way of helping make Mission Viejo a better place, just as I see the big government programs you love as worse than useless.

    You insist on me justifying my civic activities, but you refuse to defend yours – how interesting!

    As I said earlier, I am against waste everywhere, but especially in government, since by definition government can do nothing truly productive. Government in Mission Viejo exists only to perpetuate its own existence and only coincidently do things that benefit the taxpayers of the city.

    As to your claim of bullying, why do feel that if your beliefs are criticised you are being bullied? Vigorous debate is the incubator of good ideas.

    So far, you have not come up with anything but “Civic pride” and “community spirit” as reasons to spend what I bet will be nearly $500K spent on a float that will be rotting flowers, wet paper and a rusting hulk in a month or two.

    I’d say living within our means and putting money away for bad times are much better for the community. You appear to favor spending money, even when we don’t have it.. If we had to spend the money for some reason, it could have been used to make permanent improvements within the city. However, we should not have spent anything at all, given the income situation in the city.

    I am ashamed that we have such a poorly run city. I wish we could clean up our civic mess. Maybe we will.

  46. ilovetheocinmv says:

    What our city did with that float was ourstanding and very visionary! I represent EVERYONE that I know in MV that are a part of the silent majority… we were thrilled with the fabulous exposure our city received with the float! What an amazing, history making feat! I’m so glad the city did this for all the residents and businesses – what a great investment in our future! Keep it up City Council and staff!

  47. edtyler says:

    ilovetheocinmv – While you may believe that you represent “everyone” you know, and that all of them were in favor of the float, I can tell you, based on polling in front of various stores in Mission Viejo, that far less than half of the people asked supported the float.

    You desire to have the government spend money on your pet projects to the detriment of the rest of its responsibilities is simply shameful and short sighted. I can only hope that when the next harebrained idea comes up in the City Council (at least one a month), you step up and give them your money to pay for it.

    Mission Viejo should not be a welfare state for float builders, developers and city contractors. However, if you want a float, you pay for it out of your pocket and stop stealing my taxes.